GP Plating

GP PLATING offers superior quality and customer service for Anodizing Type I, II and III processes, Chem Film/Conversion Coating or Alodine, Hard Chrome, Zinc Plating, Nickel Chrome, etc. We are open and flexible to implement and provide the process you need.

Quality Policy: In GP Plating we work under a Quality Management System that satisfy our customer requirements, with a special focus on customer service. We create a good work environment through people involvement in the continuous improvement efforts towards goal achievements.

Our team

We look forward to the opportunity to team with our customers in order to help them achieve their respective goals in Quality, Deliveries and Cost Savings. Our team of professionals have more than 100 yrs of combined experience in the Production, Continuous Improvement, Engineering, Quality and Logistics fields. Selecting us as your Anodizing specialist will be a great option as we strive to continuously evolve and look for opportunities to improve our customer experience.